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Basic plate Young Ones (6550)

Basic plate Young Ones (6550)

Experience endless joy of building with the BanBao base plates! Use the building blocks to make your own creations. Be creative and build your own dreamworld. Next to each BanBao block, blocks of other major brands also fit perfectly on this  base plate. There are no restrictions for building. That is why BanBao building plates are a great opportunity for your child to get acquainted with building and playing. Furthermore, it stimulates creativity and children will develop different skills, whilst having fun!

Size:  38 * 38 cm

Product specifications

  • Model:6550
  • Number of blocks1
  • EAN Number6953365365502
Basic plate Young Ones (6550) on Youtube!

There is currently no video available for this product. Instead, watch the BanBao commercial.

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