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Police (8128)

Police (8128)

This police team is specialised in tracing villains. Everyone is getting ready to respond in search of villains. The team has a cool police car, police bus, and even a helicopter. Together they can handle all villains. There has been a bank robbery and the robbers have fled! The whole team responds. First the helicopter arrives and reports the location of the robbers. The police man in the car arrives soon after, and is able to arrest the robbers. Fit them in the police bus ans bring them to the police station. They're going to  go to prison, anyway! Luckily everyone is safe again.

Build this cool police set of the Police series with building blocks of BanBao.  Use all policemen to catch the robbers and have them thrown into jail!

This toy set consists of one police car, one police bus, one helicopter, one traffic light and diverse accessories.

Product specifications

  • Model:8128
  • Number of blocks113
  • EAN Number6953365381281
Police (8128) on Youtube!

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