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Police station XL (8353)

Police station XL (8353)

On the police station the alarm sounds.  There is a large bank robbery going on in the city! Everyone is getting ready to respond in search of the robbers. There are policemen in busses, on motors and even a helicopter is joining. First, the helicopter arrives and reports that there are various robbers at the bank. All policemen have to join forces, in order to outfox the robbers. Watch out, because the robbers have also weapons! Catch the criminals and put them into the police bus. Bring them to the police station and put them in jail. So, they can't go anywhere anymore! 

Build this cool police station set from the Police series with building blocks of BanBao.  Use all policemen to catch the robbers and have them thrown into jail!

This toy set consists of one police station, eight Tobees, four police vehicles, one police helicopter, one police boat and diverse accessorries.

Product specifications

  • Model:8353
  • Number of blocks1285
  • EAN Number6953365383537
Police station XL (8353) on Youtube!

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