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On this page you find a collection of frequently asked questions by our customers. We will keep it up to date as best as we can and hope to answer all your questions. However, if your question has still not been answered after reading the FAQ, please contact us by e-mail:

What if the product is damaged? 
For damaged products contact the retailer where product was purchased and if there is no satisfactory resolution email us at

Are BanBao toys safe?
BanBao building brick toys have met important international safety standards, like the CE-N71 standard. We value product safety and therefore annually update all our licenses. Our products have a minimum age printed on the box, so you know exactly for which age group the product is meant, and which age group it is not suitable for. 

Can I use BanBao building bricks with other brands? 
The BanBao building bricks are compatible with other building bricks brands. However, the BanBao big blocks (for children in the age of 3-5) do not fit on blocks from other brands. 

Questions of retailers 
How can I become official dealer of BanBao? 
BanBao Europe has many specialized toys stores located in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany that sell BanBao products. If you are interested in becoming an official dealer of BanBao toys, please contact us for more information. If your question still hasn’t been answered, please contact us at: