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Fire fighting (8129)

Fire fighting (8129)

This fire fighter team is specialised in extinghuishing large fires. The team has a cool fire engine, a motor boat, and even a helicopter. A fire broke out in the harbour and everyone is ready to go. First the helicopter arrives and reports that the fire leapt over a boat in the harbour! The whole team works together to extinghuish the fire. Even a fireman helps from the boat to extinghuish the leaping flames. The most experienced fireman decides to go on board and rescue the victims. The fire is extinghuished and everyone is safe. All done by this terrific team of fire fighters! 

Build this cool fire fighter set of the Police series with building blocks of BanBao.  Use all the firemen to keep the city safe and to extinghuish the largest fires!

This toy set consists of one police car, one police bus, one helicopter, one traffic light and diverse accessories.

Product specifications

  • Model:8129
  • Number of blocks110
  • EAN Number6953365381298
Fire fighting (8129) on Youtube!

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