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Fire station XL (8355)

Fire station XL (8355)

The complete fire fighter's station is in turmoil, because a enormous fire has broken out in the city! Get into the fire engine and join the firemen. A helicopter helps extinghuishing the fire from the air. The whole team is very professional and cooperates very well. Use the fire hose and the large water guns on top of the fire engine to extinghuish the fire. You and the whole team make sure that the fire will be extinghuished completely. Mission accomplished. The city is a lot more safe, thanks to the fire men at the fire brigade!

Build this fantastic fire brigade set of the Fire Brigade series with the building blocks of BanBao.  Place the vehicles and Tobees around the fire brigade and start to play. Make sure all fires are extinghuished, and everyone is safe!

This toy set consists of one fire brigade, eight Tobees, three fire engines, one helicopter, one boat, diverse tools and a lot more.

Product specifications

  • Model:8355
  • Number of blocks1285
  • EAN Number6953365383551
Fire station XL (8355) on Youtube!

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