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About us

BanBao is a producer of educational building block toys. The product meets all the quality requirements set for educational building block toys. In addition, it also meets all the prescribed safety requirements.BanBao has a range of over 20 different lines and 160 products. The themes of the products are synched to the field of interest of the focus group in question.

Big Blocks: These building blocks are larger in size; they are suitable for ages 3 to 5.

BanBao blocks: These building blocks are smaller in size and are suited to ages 5-14.

BanBao strives towards establishing a qualitatively progressive toy brand. A brand that will allow children of every age group to be introduced to toys that let them chase their dreams and which will contribute to their educational development. BanBao Europe aims to achieve this by: Manufacturing toys that conform to all environmental and safety requirements prescribed by law. Supporting projects that may improve the social position of children. Developing quality, and educational, toys, which will be our highest priority. BanBao Europe embraces a win-win philosophy in its co-operation with its partners.

BanBao's goal and vision is to challenge children to explore the boundaries of their own creativity with a new and educational brand of toys. How will BanBao go about achieving this? : By developing lines of toys that are in synch with the childrens realm of thought. By ensuring that the safety licences prescribed by law are adhered to. By constant progression and development in the field of educational toys per age group.