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Combat boat (6211)

Combat boat (6211)

There is mention of the enemy hassling innocent people, near the water. Can you stop the nasty enemy? The combat boat is equipped with the best weapons, so climb on it and get on your way. At unbelievable speed, you race over the water and soon you'll see the enemy. He attacks the boat! Quickly shoot with your futuristic weapon or launch the missiles of the cambat boat. The bullits fly around your head! But on that moment, you hit the enemy and you win the fight. A perfect cooperation between the captain of the boat and the shooter!

Build this Mission Eagle toy set with building blocks of BanBao, and experience an exciting adventure.  Climb on the combat boat and race over the water, in search of the enemy!

This toy set consists of one combat boat, three Tobees and weapons.

Product specifications

  • Model:6211
  • Number of blocks275
  • EAN Number6953365362112
Combat boat (6211) on Youtube!

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