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Combat truck (6209)

Combat truck (6209)

Climb behind the wheel of the futuristic combat truck and experience an exciting fight! The enemies have occupied a radio station and it is your task to win it back. Crawl behind the machine gun on the truck, and use the chain to swing at the mast. Watch out for gas bottles, to prevent the radio station exploding! Dodge the bullits and defeat the enemy with tough weapons. Someone runs in front of the truck, can you capture him? 

Luckily the radio station is in good hands, and the mission comes to a good end!

Build this Mission Eagle toy set with building blocks of BanBao, and experience an exciting adventure.  Drive around with the combat truck and make sure the radio station ends up in good hands!

This toy set consists of one combat truck, one radio station, four ToBees, weapons, and a lot more.

Product specifications

  • Model:6209
  • Number of blocks328
  • EAN Number6953365362099
Combat truck (6209) on Youtube!

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