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Snow trooper (6212)

Snow trooper (6212)

The snow scooter is a powerful combat vehicle of the enemy, that gives a lot of turmoil. A message came in that the enemy attacks innocent people on a snow scooter. Your mission is to capture him and to confiscate the snow scooter. At the bottom of the hill is a good spot to wait for him, so build up your machine gun there. There he comes. The enemy saw you and attacks you. Are you quick and agile enough to eliminate the enemy? Capture the enemy and bring the snow scooter to the base.

Build this Mission Eagle toy set with building blocks of BanBao, and experience an exciting adventure.  Eliminate the enemy and confiscate the snow scooter!

This toy set consists of one snow scooter, two Tobees and weapons.

Product specifications

  • Model:6212
  • Number of blocks168
  • EAN Number6953365362129
Snow trooper (6212) on Youtube!

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