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Special force (6215)

Special force (6215)

The Special force can be used on special missions on land or water. A group of enemies is being chased by the Special force. Chase the enemy with the land vehicle and use your weapon to defeat them. But, be careful, they shoot back. Oh no, you are hit! Luckily the front screen is bullitproof and only a large crack appears. The enemy then flees with a motorboat. Quickly, get on your jetski and start the chase on water. Are you going to eliminate the enemy and bring the mission to a good end?

Build this Mission Eagle toy set with building blocks of BanBao, and experience an exciting adventure.  Start the chase with your land vehicle or with the jetski on water!

This toy set consists of one land vehicle, one jetski and onee Tobees.

Product specifications

  • Model:6215
  • Number of blocks121
  • EAN Number6953365362150
Special force (6215) on Youtube!

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