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Special forces train (6208)

Special forces train (6208)

The special train unit is only used for special missions. The enemy has plans to blow up the railroad tracks, so it is your task to prevent this. Jump on top of the special train unit and fight the enemy your with your laser gun. There they are! You must shoot fast, because the enemy has a granate and must not be thrown! The train rides superfast past the enemy base and you capture the enemy just in time. Luckily, you are not hit! The mission was a succes and the enemy was captured!


Build this Mission Eagle toy set with BanBao building blocks. 


Play with the special train unit and make sure the occupied bomb base comes into good hands again!


This toy set consists of one special train unit, one bomb base, three Tobees, weapons and a lot more.

Product specifications

  • Model:6208
  • Number of blocks385
  • EAN Number6953365362082
Special forces train (6208) on Youtube!

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