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Mimik (8626-3)

Mimik (8626-3)

Mimik is a racing car with quite a striking appearance! The public always immediatelly recognises its orange colour with black and white details!  Its tinted windows never reveal the identity of the driver which makes this racing car even more interesting. Steal the show with this racing car and get the public completely on your side! Just create now, a world of building blocks and virtual reality, and start racing! 

Build the Mimik with the building blocks of BanBao.  Mimik is one of the sixteen amazing racing cars with pull back action of the BanBao Race Club series.  Using an iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet you can scan the card included, to let the car come virtually alive on your screen. Scan the included track and start racing!  Collect all models and race alone or against your friends!

This toy set consists of a racing car, called Mimik.

Product specifications

  • Model:8626-3
  • Number of blocks26
  • EAN Number6953365320426
Mimik (8626-3) on Youtube!

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